12 September 2006

Unfortunately Apple's new iTV, to be release some time in early 2007, is a feature or two shy of the perfect Internet Age Computer. Some front side USB ports, a flash reader and an eSATA port on the back would have sent this Apple to the Moon! Which is exactly what I asked for in my last post Apple's falling from the Pie.

Now, let's be honest. The component video and audio ports have a nice symmetrical look, but they are SO OVER. Why waste 70% of the back panel on legacy ports like this? Is HDMI the future or not? Stop waffling. (And don't give me the cable cost dance. Cables will be cheap enough soon enough.) Even if legacy support were an absolute must, a 4-conductor minijack (a growing standard on camcorders) can easily deliver stereo sound and composite video. Heck, go 3.1x further, bundle an inexpensive component adapter and delivered 5.1 surround sound along with actual component video on three 4-conductor mini-jack ports. For a company that supposed to think so "outside the box", they sure seem rather conservative in this area.

But I digress. What I'm really looking for here is a small inexpensive computer without all the mechanical storage dressings. Apple's iTV is so close it almost hurts to think that once again we have no cigar. Yet I remain hopeful. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and thankfully Apple doesn't have much further to fall in this regard. So with any luck, they'll see the opportunity Real Soon Now and give us the "iTerminal".
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