08 August 2005
Do you find my concern dubious regarding the coming robotic revolution? Yet there is mounting evidence of what I tell you! Here is another example which came to my attention just today: a robot hand that can catch a ball moving up to 186 mph. Oh, it might not seem like much, but the rapidity of articulation of that hand is truly astounding --and will only improve. And as time wears on, so will the application of such technology to all forms of anatomy and industry.

Of course, the real difficulty of robotics still lies in the brain. And I am sure you are counting on this for some human salvation. But it to is to no avail. Yes, it is a difficult problem and one that will require more time, but the course has already begun. Consider such projects as Cyc and even Google.

The question ultimately becomes a matter of how we will adopt to the coming new age. Will we defy it, to our own demise, I assure you, or will we embrace it and thus remain relevant? Soon we will no longer be able to afford any remaining vestiges of "man at the center of the universe".

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