24 October 2003
Tick-Tock, the Robot's on the Clock
The robots are coming. The economic infrastructure of the world economy is already feeling, albiet yet slight, the repercussious weight. The countdown has since begun and expendential growth of robotic work-force is a given. Our current sociohumunistic degree of sophistiction pales in the limelight of any real scrutiny. We will undoubtfully handle the looming crisis with scarse attention to detail or reason --or more specifically ecologic systems theory. Neo-Luddities will likely previal over a shamelessly long stretch of generations, augmented by right-winged military agendas with continued rights violation. Agendas and violations we are already see, built upon predications of comparetively minor dilemma. The automatons continue to separate us from our humanity, until the day comes they will rule the Earth following programs which encode our fear.

On the upside, robots can now sumo.
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